Three bands, experienced in the streets of Italy, Germany, Spain and Great Britain. A true cultural clash of energetic live music with Musicians from all over Europe. This is EU4YA, and the name says it all: it’s pure euphoria and energy. After touring through all Europe, The Trouble Notes, Tribubu and Daiana Lou are coming to one of the most unique lost places right outside the doors of Berlin: Beelitz Heilstätten. A former sanatorium in the middle of the woods, where you feel the history in every brick. The beautiful main hall has been put back into place to host extraordinary culture with Together with the Berlin slam collective Kiezpoeten it has become a new hot spot for those who want to discover underground culture in a way you’ve never seen it before. 

EU4YA, is a collective of artists sharing a common passion for music and its power to uplift and inspire. Their vision is to promote a unified European Cultural identity through their unique performances and programs. EU4YA’s diverse background, vast network and thirst for collaboration is representative of an inclusive Europe, striving for greater cooperation and artistic innovation. 

Their dynamic stage performances and interactive workshops for young people transport their cultural vision to a wide audience and is perfectly scalable. From the smallest villages to the sprawling metropolises, their audience is as diverse as Europe itself.

Expect a memorable EU4YA Experience in the unique Beelitz Heilstätten on Novemver 20th.